Welcome to the redesigned PuffyCode.com! Since 2011 this site has displayed my projects in order to share them with anyone who would care to use them or build their own. My projects range from microcontroller builds, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, to OS X apps and PowerShell scripts. I have been programming for about 5 years now and have been working professionally in IT for 4 years. I will update the site as frequently as I build new things, including this status area, and hope that you will find something useful here to further your learning in all things nerdy.

I finished my new project "Compass Light". Check it out here! I guess now I will resume my PowerShell and Windows Server 2012 studies.

Light Up Your Ride

I recently bought a 2014 Jeep Compass and decided it needed some extra lighting inside. By using an Arduino Uno with a Bluefruit EZ-Link bluetooth adapter I was able to easily port my NetLight project to a different environment and control it with my Android device.

OpenELEC Navigation Mod

While you and I know how to SSH into the Pi and call python randomshow.py "The Office" maybe your family isn't as computer savvy. So before your spouse makes you get rid of your sweet RPi + OpenELEC setup because it is too difficult to operate follow my tutorial here to make it easier on them. View the tutorial here ->

Every now and then you may find it necessary to copy one user's groups to another user in Active Directory. I have written a simple script to do just that so you can get back to doing important things, like playing Skyrim and drinking Mountain Dew. Get the code ->

OpenELEC TV on Raspberry Pi

A while back the wife and I realized we were paying too much for cable and decided to cancel it. While I liked the smaller bill every month I really missed my favorite shows. So I set up OpenELEC on a Raspberry Pi and wrote a python script to simulate cable television. View the tutorial ->


Monthly inventory making you want to suck start a pistol? Well not anymore! SysTrack reaches out across your network to perform an inventory of your systems without you needing to get up from your desk and even allows you to find where systems reside on your network. It's funny how you find you enjoy your life when you're happy to be alive. Get SysTrack here ->

Site Resources

Visit the Arduino website for information on how to get started using Arduino.
Download and support the SlidesJS project which is utilized on this site.
Download and support the FullCalendar project that is used on the NetLight site.